Adjustable & Rotatale Selfie Holder

Rotate the phone clip and get the best angle photos

 object tracking holder +1 cell phone=Your private photographer: If you encounter these problems:you can’t record video without a photographer;you can’t take photos by yourself;when you need to release your hands,the fixed bracket is not flexible;you will be tired if you hold the video call for too long,all these 360 auto face tracking camera holder mount and object tracking camera phone holder will help you solve the problem,Let your phone follow you,Take selfie and no longer ask for help.


360 decree tracking holder + free Tripod stand
Product Function scan the bar code on paper description with a qr scanner
*Object tracking mode
*Face tracking mode
*Support for tripod mounting
Net weigh (L x W x H) Support for phone: 56-100mm Power supply 1.5v No. 5 alkaline dry battery*3 Support system iOS 10.0 and later , Android 8.1 and later
2. Face tracking and intelligent shooting: Face tracking holder introduce the AI technology of human image composition and scale estimation into intelligent shooting,360 degrees rotate around, and automatically recognize the person / PET. When you go, the mobile phone will turn to where you want to go, set the pose, and take pictures automatically at a fixed time of 3 seconds.Great for Lectures,Sporting Events,Presentations.Group Photos,Adventure Shots,Instagram,Facebook Live,Vlogging.


Product Line: Marvel Emporium 09099905110, 09028805110
Model: Modern
Weight (kg): 1
Color: BLACK

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